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Our solutions include

Hardware & Software, Network & Infrastructure, Internet Based Solutions, Periphery Solutions

Our service Hardware & Software

Hardware & Software

With the myriad of hardware and software options available out there it can be overwhelming to know which are best for your current and future needs. Let us help you pick a solution that is right for you from any major brand.

our solutions Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

Combining Hardware and Software resources for an entire network to enable effective connectivity, communication, operations and management. Let us take on the responsibility of compliance, implementation, support and maintenance.

our solutions Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Are you confident in your current recovery options should you lose devices to theft, virus or ransom ware? If you have any doubt why not run your backup strategy past us. We can streamline your onsite backups and offer cost effective online backup solutions for peace of mind.

our solutions internet of things

Internet of Things

The idea of having devices connected to the internet is nothing new but we like innovation, so think bigger with internet connected appliances, sensors and any embedded electronics. Whether you need to configure, develop, automate or monitor, we can help. so feel free to contact us with any creative ideas.

our solutions copy/printing

Copy/ Printing

How much are you spending on your current printing solution? We can help simplify, stabilize, reduce costs and even go paperless.

our solutions onsite computing

Onsite Computing

We are passionate about delivering the best onsite or remote support for you and your growing businesses. We keep it simple and proactive with our well managed service platform. Contact us, for stress free IT solutions.

our solutions

Cloud Computing

Do you have questions about the “cloud” or need services moved to the cloud? Being partnered with the best and having a local data center means we can help. (This is great for checking all the compliance boxes like POPI)

our solutions

Application Development

You may have specific application requirements that no off the shelf application can give you? Let us solve this one for you.

our solutions

Business Intelligence

It’s all about making your data speak and extracting actionable information this help mangers and business owners make the right decisions. We have partnered with the right people to help you achieve these results.

our solutions

Audio/ visual

Whether you need Projectors, TV advertising or streaming services like Netflix, ITunes and Airplay, we can help with supply and setup.

our solutions

Physical Security

If you are thinking of upgrading or installing a SMART IP CCTV system, alarm system integration or remote viewing for your business or home. We can help.

our solutions


We are ready to advise or assist you with voice/ telephone, instant-messaging, video-conferencing or team collaboration requirements.

our solutions


Is your network protected? Let us assess and install the right firewall for your business. We have also partnered with the industry leaders in antivirus and will implement the best practices for your network.

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