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The Director

Richard Talbot

Richard is our team leader. Richard’s extensive IT knowledge and experience coupled with his kind and gentle demeanor make him a pleasure to consult with inside and outside the office. Richard’s belief that helping clients fully understand their IT challenge and how to solve them are critical. He believes that this is what creates the best platform for great customer relations, instilling trust and confidence in the company and the services they provide.

Byron Petzer
Is one of our very talented IT Technicians who has been with the GOFourIT team for 4 years now. This recently married fun loving guy still enjoys getting down and dirty at boot camp every Saturday followed by a relaxing ride on his beloved motorcycle. Byron is an invaluable asset to the team with positive and restorative spirit, you can always rely on him for expert strategic thinking accompanied with proficient execution of any.
David Theunissen
Is one of our highly gifted IT Technicians who has been with the GOFourIT team for 3 years now. David enjoys a myriad of recreational activities such as Latin American and Ballroom dancing, rowing at the Durban Rowing Club and playing a regular round of golf. David is an indispensable part of the team with his consistent and dependable characteristics. Davids’s execution of tasks is exceptional and his great people skills make it easy for him to build great relationships with clients.
Mali Mthiyane
Is one of our hugely capable IT Technicians who has been with the GOFourIT team for 2 years now. This avid Chelsea Football Club supporter, enjoys spending his free time in the gym working out or on the football field showing off his skills. Mali is an empathetic soul who brings a harmonious atmosphere to the office. His people skills make him a highly relatable individual. His dedication to bringing quality service to all our clients is undeniable.
Mandy Morck
Admin & Accounts
Is our Admin and Accounts wiz who has been with the GOFourIT team for 2 years now. This highly dedicated wife often finds herself running around after and enjoying the company of her three wonderful children. When she has any free time she enjoys delving into her creative side. Mandy is a wonderfully unique person who brings a sense of structure to the workplace. She enjoys working with people and never fails to deliver when assigned a task.
Khea Emms
Admin Assistant
Khea Emms is our new admin assistant! She replaces Naquita Whittles and is a fantastic addition to our little IT family. Khea has a busy and active life! Khea's love for sports and health has led her to become an avid touch rugby player.She loves to run and enjoys the days she can spend at the beach. Khea's passion for overall health and well-being has brought her to study biomedical science at UNISA and is an aspiring biomedical researcher. Despite all of this she still enjoys being creative and producing culinary masterpieces in the kitchen.
Mitch Dufourq
IT Technician
Mitch is our new highly passionate IT technician. Besides his passion for IT, he has rekindled his love of running after being out of the sport for many years. His love for being physically active does not end there, as he has recently taken up rowing and actively teaches Ballroom and Latin American dancing. It is this energy, combined with his analytical personality, that helps him find our clients the best solutions possible.
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